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Weekend Project

Front Porch 1

Polyurathaning our new porch furniture. Another photo.

Update on our Neighbor

He passed away this weekend. His name is Edward. Please pray for his sweet wife, Margie, and their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

60 years and counting

When I step out our front door the first thing I see directly across the street is a classic post-war brick ranch. The first occupants still reside there, 60 years after they moved in as newlyweds. They raised their children in that house and watched their grandchildren play under the same big trees in the front yard. They’re dying now. We’re all dying, but they are on the fast track. He has advanced Alzheimer’s Disease and she cares for him, though she is losing her sight and hearing. I watch from my porch as their children and grandchildren visit them week after week and I wonder where we’ll be in sixty years. Probably not in this green bungalow.


We’ve been stuck in a rut for the past six weeks with the house (sickness, travelling, general busyness, etc.) but I feel like we’re finally getting some momentum. I worked on the playroom today and we’ve both worked on prepping the foyer for painting… maybe next weekend. I should upload pics of the living room and playroom sometime this week. The playroom isn’t finished, but everything is planned out.

Learning By Experience

I never truly grasped the phrase “grows like a weed” until we had a lawn of our own to care for.

Kitchen Pics

If you go to this link, you’ll see the family Flickr photos tagged kitchen, for a before and after effect.

Things I Like About Our Front Porch

It’s big — big enough for Kate to ride her tricycle on and have a kiddie pool on with lots and lots of room to spare.

It’s made of concrete — making the above activities kosher.

It’s got a good, fat side for sitting even though we don’t have a porch swing yet.

It’s got a great view of the neighborhood.


We’re here. The closing went fabulous. We love our house, but each day brings newly discovered quirks. If you are an electrician and want to come to Birmingham and work for food, photo announcements or latin tutoring, give us a call!

The House

Here are some photos. Don’t miss the notes on the pictures themselves.