Songs in My Head

Today I’ve had several odd songs in my head:
“Le Freak” – from listening to a new open-format radio station
“Ice Ice Baby” – also from the odd radio station
“If I Had a Boat” – from Donna’s Friday Five question yesterday

What’s in your head?

8 responses to “Songs in My Head

  1. Silly lullabies I’ve made up.

  2. Umm, now “Ice Ice Baby” is. So, thanks… :)

  3. “In Christ Alone” due to my having sung it in three different services this week (which is nice), and “Lullabye” by Ben Folds Five from…I don’t know. “The world has more for you than it seems” is particularly relevant, I suppose.

  4. “singin’ in the rain” — crop walk today in pouring rain.

  5. My apologies, Megan!

  6. “I see a fire truck I see a fire truck I see a fire truck coming down the street” We’ve got to take the batteries out of Jay’s brand new ride-on fire truck before we lose our minds!

  7. Lynn filled me in on the pony song :o)
    She is a good friend :o)

    hee hee

  8. “O Come and Mourn with me awhile” — I could live off that song.

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