Odds and Ends

The new header pic is a Texas sunset captured on a roadtrip.

I’m in my third trimester now… craziness! I need to start actually getting stuff together for the baby.

If you are enjoying the recipes, let me know. If people are getting use out of them, I’ll keep ’em coming.

9 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. I haven’t used one of your recipes yet, but I bought artichokes the other day with the intention of making your dip this weekend.

    I love to read recipes, even if I don’t make them. They’re always inspiring.


  2. Yes, keep them coming, please!

  3. Yes, I love the recipes!

  4. We liked the South of the Border lasagne a lot! :)

  5. Laura Leigh

    I love the recipes. I, too, tried the Mexican lasagna. One question about that recipe: I didn’t soak the tortillas in oil like the recipe said, because that seemed very fattening. It still tasted really good to me, but is it worth it to do the fat-soaking thing? :)

  6. I’ll keep the recipes coming, then!

    Laura Leigh, I have never not soaked them in oil, but it does soften the tortillas considerably. If I weren’t going to do it, I might use flour tortillas instead. Plain, raw corn tortillas are gross to me, though.

  7. Hi! I just came across your blog through another blog the other day. I am enjoying the recipes. I am just waiting for it to get alittle cooler (it’s still 105 in Texas!) so I can try the tomato basil soup.

  8. Beautiful sunset!

    Third trimester…wow! Have you been doing those relaxation exercises?

    I’m excited to try the tomato basil soup. I like recipes that others have already tried, so I say, keep ’em coming!

  9. Keep ’em comin’! I made the West whatever st pasta the other night and it was a huge hit… can’t wait to show it off for company!

    I’ll be picking up monkey bread ingredients next grocery trip…

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