Lauren Winner and Doug Wilson?

This book looks interesting.

2 responses to “Lauren Winner and Doug Wilson?

  1. The initial shock is mitigated by the fact that the book is comprised of essays by very different authors. Ha! At first I was like *no way!*.

    As I scanned through the Amazon presentation of the book really briefly, it kind of struck me that this book even exists. It’s the kind of thing you would find in the academic world: a book of essays on a topic portraying different perspectives, which allows the reader to read all the way around a topic and, to some extent, formulate his/her own response.

    Ten years ago, would such a book have been written on the Christian market? Acknowledging the value of many perspectives implicitly encourages the reader to treat them all equally and to respond for his/her own self. I find it interesting that in the wake of books telling you THE biblical way to date, you have a book like this.

    Aaaah. The benefits of postmodernism.

  2. I saw that linked off her blog. I definitely laughed.

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