In Between

We’re in the middle of a move to Memphis, and there’s something about the spaces in between in life that give me a clear picture of who I’ve been, and who I want to be. Coincidentally, it is also within a few months of a milestone birthday, though I’ve felt 30 for quite some time — kids will do that to you. And so I am looking around, looking within, looking ahead. I am not quite sure what life will look like for me in a year, let alone five or ten. It seems time to plan realistically, but I want to bring hope and passion in the midst of pragmatism.

Birmingham has been good to us, and though not perfect, a place I had grown to love and see as home. But as I step away I see things differently. I hope I use this time in the margins well. That I am able to see clearly my sin and flaws, my gifts and passions, and learn some things to help me on my way.

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  1. I really appreciate your thoughts of life “in the midst”. Even when “settled” I often feel that way.

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