I’ve been in a creative funk, one that even made reading difficult, for the first time in who-know-how-long. But I’m making progress, and blogging might just help me on my way. And so, I hope to be utilizing this space more often.

If you are accustomed to getting these posts via facebook, it’s been pretty spotty as of late, not posting for days or even a month. Of course, you can subscribe using a feedreader but I’ve finally added email subscription if that is most convenient, four years after the rest of the internets did. There’s a box on the right sidebar to do so.

I am very smitten with pinterest since our move. You can find me there and explore for yourself. Email me (first initial last name at gmail) if you’d like an invite to come join the fun.

3 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. re: the creative funk… I get that. Recently I was lifted up out of the funk by just being around creative people. I went to an artist lecture at my church and I went to some photography workshops. I immediately felt more animated and inspired. I hope you are able to find a way and I know I haven’t commented much (or even blogged much) but I do enjoy your writing. It is encouraging and very enlightening.

  2. Thanks, Alli! I hope your inspiration stays with you and we both pull out of our funks :)

  3. Yeah, I feel like I’ve had that funk for the past three years…..I do love me some pinterest too though!

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