This pregnancy is going a lot faster than my last one. I feel really unprepared — I need to be better about doing my Bradley exercises and I have a lot to acquire before December rolls around! I uploaded another picture to my pregnancy album. I’ve still only gained about 15 pounds, so people regularly do not realize I am pregnant. That’s getting old. I FEEL like I’m in my third trimester, even though I don’t look like it!

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  1. You look plenty pregnant to me. I suspect it’s a case of misguided politeness. You know how careful people are not to surmise a pregnancy where there isn’t one, so maybe they think it’s polite to pretend they didn’t even suspect it?

    I’ve been wearing maternity clothes for weeks now, and there are still a lot of folks who haven’t figured it out (I keep talking to women at church and finding out they’re due a little later than I am!) Of course, I’m only 4 mos along.

  2. Well, there’s definitely some misguided politeness but I do think some people really haven’t noticed. I’m *trying* to look pregnant in those pictures and I am still wearing a lot of non-maternity so…

  3. I think you look wonderful and healthy and five months pregnant!

    Good for you!

    Keep doing what you are doing!!!


  4. I love that red top on you!

  5. Carol in Oregon

    You look great, girl! I’m praying for your little one. One thing I love about our church is that we regularly pray for our pregnant moms. They are listed in the bulletin. They, and the little ones they carry, are precious.

  6. Thanks, ladies! :o)

    I picked up some Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and did a set of 50 pelvic rocks last night… baby steps towards preparing for birth…

  7. Kristen, do you know about 5W? It’s a combination of herbals by Nature’s Sunshine that you take for the last five weeks of pregnancy to tone the uterus and prepare for delivery.

  8. Next time I’m certinaly going to do my pilates more regularly. I really felt like my legs were being pulled off during labour.

    You look great!, by the way.

  9. Who was it that made those neat playsilks?

  10. :o)

    She is excellent! If she doesn’t have what you want, she does custom stuff.

  11. Kristen, you look awesome.

    Sarah, pulled off? Usually that feeling means you need to change positions.

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