A Perk of Boredom

Since M was gone again, I finally made our own version of the family rules I’ve seen everywhere lately.

I included things we say all the time, lyrics from songs I sing to the girls, etc. So even though we didn’t come up with them together, they have a lot of personal flavor. Both girls said they sounded great. Now to get them printed and hung, probably in a different color, even though I like this grey a lot.

4 responses to “A Perk of Boredom

  1. This is great, Kristen! What did you use to create it? I’ve been thinking of doing one of these, too.

  2. Thanks, Haley! I used photoshop to do it. Someone asked me about if I was willing to make custom versions yesterday so I stuck up a page you can reach from the top of the page (or just go to this link: http://www.thisclassicallife.com/weblog/index.php/custom-prints )

  3. I like that a lot!

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