Movies We’ve Seen Lately

We don’t typically rent movies, we just borrow them from the public library, which means we usually wait a while for new or popular releases or end up getting really random things from the racks. Here’s what we’ve seen lately, rated out of four stars.

Hitch (2005) with Will Smith and Kevin James was funny enough to warrant renting if you haven’t seen it. Not the world’s best comedy, but pretty solid nonetheless. ***

Evelyn (2002) with Pierce Brosnan was okay. An interesting story, but a little too sappy, even for this pregnant momma. **

Ocean’s Twelve (2004) was a disappointment. They tried way too hard with this one. *

2 responses to “Movies We’ve Seen Lately

  1. So funny. I just got Hitch from the library after waiting a while for it, too. Great (cheap?) minds think alike.

    We saw Evelyn a year or two back, and completely agree with your review. Pierce Brosnan is, well, not much when he’s not James Bond. Sorry to fans.

  2. I thought Oceans Twelve was funnier than the first! That double Julia Roberts thing was so funny.

    (But then, it my permanent state of sleep deprived, a lot is funny lately. (Have you seen those Vonage commercials? I nearly fell off the couch laughing.) )

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