#sundayread tweets

Most Sundays I share some links on twitter with the #sundayread hashtag. Here are this week’s.

The Guardian (UK) covers AL immigration: http://gu.com/p/32tmp/tw (grim reality) & http://gu.com/p/32t5k/tw (slavery?)

Twenty-First Century Excommunication http://on.wsj.com/ogTGJd TEC would rather church become mosque than go Anglican?!

David Cameron proposes to change royal succession laws giving daughters the same rights as sons http://econ.st/n0837G

Child Slaves Made Your Halloween Candy. Stop Buying It. http://su.pr/AugMHh

Vital Efforts to Combat High Infant Mortality Rate Among Blacks http://nyti.ms/pbxx0w

Appreciated Richard Mouw’s take on Mormonism here: http://bit.ly/oEGjQ7. ReliSciNerd, so I am totally fascinated by the LDS.

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  1. Come visit us then in SLC. :)

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