Announcement & Giveaway

I’ve opened an etsy shop with photo cards, family rules, and more design goodness.

I love doing this sort of thing, and did so before and during my tenure as a photographer, but never on etsy.

I’d love a little help getting the word out, so I am doing a giveaway for any one item from the winged feet design store. If you’ve never used Rafflecopter, it’s simple and easy. (Though, occasionally you will have to refresh the page if the widget doesn’t show up below.) But feel free to email if you have any questions — wingedfeetdesign @t gmail d0t com.

18 responses to “Announcement & Giveaway

  1. Good luck!

  2. I don’t see the widget? Is there supposed to be one at the end of the post? Could be an error on my end…

  3. It takes a minute to load sometimes. Or a refresh. (Happens to me when other sites use Rafflecopter. But it will come :/

  4. Fun, Kristen! I still have a copy of our 2009 holiday card you designed on my bedside table that I look at at least once a week. :) So even if I don’t win, I might be coming to you for holiday cards again this year!

  5. ok- here goes: I’d definitely choose the family rules file… not sure which size though. Maybe I’d pick out a frame first, then decide?

  6. Amber, if you stalk hobby lobby frames sales, they do have several frames in the super long, classic dimensions (10×20, 12×24, etc) and they fit / fill awkward spaces well. But, 11×14 frames can be found CHEAP or used much more easily and two of them are usually cheaper to print than one awkward sized long print. You just need the appropriate space to hang them :)

  7. I would choose a custom photo Christmas card. But I’m delighted you are branching out this way. I love your designs.

  8. I would choose the custom christmas card with the bit about well trimmed trees. I’d also love a family rules…

  9. It is so awesome of you to share your talent with the world!

  10. So excited for your shop! :) I’d love the family rules. :)

  11. Rachel Crum

    I would choose one of the Christmas cards…not sure which one.

  12. I’d choose the chevron Christmas card – or one of the other Cmas cards. I love them all!

  13. I love your ‘Jesus loves me’ sign…absolutely precious!

  14. Oh, it would be so hard to choose! But I like the family rules. . .

  15. Love your house rules posters and that would definitely be my first choice!

  16. I would definitely choose one of the Christmas cards.

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