You Might Be Emerging If…

Mike sent this link to me yesterday and it cracked me up, probably because we are both reading A Generous Orthodoxy at the moment.

5 responses to “You Might Be Emerging If…

  1. Um, I went to Baylor, and that is hilarious. I think someone could make a “You might be reformed in the PCA if….” that would also be quite funny. I wonder what one would put?

    You might be a Reformed/PCAer if….

    I’m going to think about this…. :)

  2. That’s funny because it’s a caricature. It’s definitely not a single white male movement. Females are very prominent. Worship services are often a lot more normal. Etc.

  3. Exactly, Rick. But caricatures are still funny.

  4. Ahem, allow me to clarify. I went to Baylor….where I knew many who were drawn to emergent church stuff and many who went to University Baptist Church-an emerging type church. I didn’t mean that simply being a Baylor grad makes me find things hilarious. Anyway….this link made my husband’s day.

  5. what if you’ve attended dan kimball’s church (or at least thought about going instead of doing your o-chem homework)?

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