Tea Update

We got our free large tin of Masala Chai from Portsmouth Tea Company minutes before we left for Thanksgiving, but lacking an infuser (despite efforts to aquire one) we hadn’t tried it until last night when my brilliant husband had the idea of using our french press, which worked beautifully. With milk and sugar, it was excellent tea. Truly some of the best Chai I’ve ever had. Thanks, Marshall!

4 responses to “Tea Update

  1. You are welcome! Thank you for telling everyone. Please note, we do sell teapots with infusers built-in. I’m thrilled you like the Chai.

  2. We asked for a serving teapot/infuser for Christmas, we were just looking for a cheap option (stainless steel mesh ball, etc.) for the interim because we’re hoping we get it!

  3. Ooo, that’s not a bad idea with the French press.

  4. IMHO, you’re better off without an infuser and you’ll get better results, because the tea leaves need room and once they soak up the hot water, they get squashed inside the infuser. Just spoon the leaves into the pot. If you like, you can use a small strainer to strain any leaves as you pour, or you can just pour the tea very carefully. You’ll still get a few leaves in the bottom of the cup, but hey, then you can tell each other’s fortunes. :-)

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