37 weeks today

I’m now considered full term, so it’s about time to start the “when will the baby arrive?” poll. Submit your best guess via the comments. One person per day, please! I’ll add all of the predictions to this thread. FYI, I’m due December 28th.

My guess? December 27th.

16 December 05 – Natalie
17 December 05 – Mollie
18 December 05 – Rick
21 December 05 – Amber
22 December 05 – Megan S.
23 December 05 – Erin T.
24 December 05 – Rachael (and Sarah M.)
25 December 05 – Ellen (and Annie, Brianna & SweetPea)
26 December 05 – Devona
27 December 05 – Kristen (and TulipGirl)
28 December 05 – Will (and Amanda)
29 December 05 – Moriah
30 December 05 – Bob
31 December 05 – Angela
01 January 06 – Reba

28 responses to “37 weeks today

  1. Was Kate early, late or on-time?

    I’d love to see your birth plans.


  2. Kate was two days early.

    Emailing you!

  3. I’m guessing the 26th, at 3am. Yay for Lexi!!

  4. I’ll guess the 24th. Christmas Eve. :)

  5. In the wee smas of Dec 27.

  6. I’ll guess the 22nd and I’ll pray that whenever it happens that you’ll both be healthy and happy afterward.

  7. I’m guessing a Christmas present – Dec. 25th in the evening.

  8. Hey there, guys, it’s been a long time. I was born on December 28, although it had been foreseen by the doctors that I would come about ten days earlier. Still, I hope for the 28th. It’s a good day to be born.

  9. Dec. 24, my father’s birthday.

  10. umm . . . december 17, 2p.m.ish.

  11. Totally the 28th.

  12. I just hope that you have her this year so that you can count her on your taxes. :) And I’ll guess the 25th.

  13. December 31st – 11pm!

  14. Yes, we are really hoping for an ’05 baby for tax purposes. Y’all can pray for that ;o)

  15. How’s Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt?

  16. December 25, of course!

    Do you guys go to a candlelight service on Christmas Eve?

  17. hmmmmm, my guess is…December 23rd.

    Today is my due date (December 8th)…and Jonathan is 5 weeks old now! ha! I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to go full term!!! I’m praying things go well.

  18. “How’s Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt?”

    I was wondering, too. You’re my fave book reviewer these days, since I’m not reading as much as I’d like.

  19. I’m going to say the morning of December 29th…

  20. 1/1/06!!

  21. December 16th. :-)

  22. Reba,
    Mike says we’re billing you for the child tax credit if your prediction comes true ;o)

  23. I thought that I may be jinxing you, but someone has to go with Murphy’s Law.. it’s just how it rolls sometimes.

  24. Dec 30 (my birthday). And I seriously recommend drinking a castor oil cocktail (or heck, doing the pitocin) if the baby hasnt come by then. if it’s Jan 1, you’ll be missing out on some serious tax refunds.

  25. Dec. 21. Exactly 5 months after my birthday, and exactly one month after Daniel’s.

  26. Castor oil didn’t work for Rachel. We did try something that worked within 5 minutes of trying it, but I’m not explaining it lol.

    I say December 18th.

  27. yeah Rick we tried that too. a lot. not that I’m complaining, but it never worked for us.

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