Lutheran vs. Baptist

Josh (the Lutheran) has written one of the funniest posts I think I’ve ever read. I think Josh is onto something with regards to the car. In such a debate, I’d keep the car and concede defeat.

To get an idea of who James White is, you can get a taste here. Warning: he’s fiery. You can also get a good idea of how his fan base views him by comparing a picture of him with fan art.

3 responses to “Lutheran vs. Baptist

  1. I dunno, Mike. It’s a shame that the whole idea of honoring others above ourselves seems to be in short supply these days. The post is cute enough, I suppose, but the comments are just sniping.

  2. I’m with you, Mike. I don’t remember anything THAT funny in a long time.

  3. Oh, I should have made that caveat. I can’t read the comments on the Lutheran site.

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