Dreaming Big

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a television journalist. I could see myself standing on the steps in front of the Capitol building or the Supreme Court, explaining the day’s political news. Wanting as much preparation as possible, I got involved in a local television show (Action News for Kids) and even anchored a primetime special (7:30p is primetime, right?) I knew how to dream big.

Sometime during high school, I began to realize that this might not work out. Good journalists work long hours, especially if I made it to the national level. I wanted to be a mom. I am not sure I have dreamed big very often since.

I am trying to think through jobs I might want to have in the near or distant future, and it is harder to dream big than I would have previously believed. Adulthood has made me practical. I’ve been a little surprised that I’m selling things in my etsy store (and several custom cards outside of etsy.) But it’s hard for me to dream big about owning my own business. I hate self promotion. It’s not a guaranteed stream of income (and not very much at this point.) But I like the flexibility.

Maybe I need to learn how to dream again. I’m not really sure how to go about doing that, but it’s worth considering.

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  1. As the saying goes : “Be who you really are, do not change for anyone, and always, always dream big enough to achieve. DREAM BIG AND NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS” ‘Cause dreaming BIG can get you somewhere beautiful than what’s usual. Great post! Thanks =)

  2. You have such a bright, creative mind–whatever you come up with, you’re going to bring something amazing to it.

  3. Over the last 2-3 years I’ve been struggling with this myself. As I walk the path that is graduate school and singleness at 33, it has been a wild ride.

    I would encourage you, if you are willing to consider it, to get involved with a spiritual director. It is usually one hour, once a month, but I found that that one hour of concentrated listening and guided conversation has really helped me tune into what the God of the Universe is doing in my heart. As a life-long Christian who has hungered for intimacy with Christ for as long as I can remember, this discipline has been invaluable. Just a few days ago when I met with my spiritual director, the Lord was able to speak a lot of truth to the root of my fear and free me even more to hear and follow what he has put on my heart. It is an amazing experience!

    Also, as you may know, it is often hard to sort out your own emotions when you are seeking to be discerning about your future. Listening with someone who is not in the midst of the roiling mess herself really facilitates moments of divine clarity.

  4. Bob Wiegers

    “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

    that, my friend, is a huge dream. seek it, and God will add the rest.

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