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We all made it to North Carolina in one piece today. “Kristen, why are you out of state?” you ask. “You are 38.5 weeks pregnant!” Well, there’s an interesting answer to that question.

We were planning to have a hospital birth in Richmond with a CNM. We would have preferred a freestanding birth center, but there are only two in Virginia and none of them take clients from Richmond (too far.) We really liked our first midwife, Leslie, and the hospital she was supposed to deliver in. But as you may recall, the midwifery program was suddenly cancelled at her practice, and we had to find another midwife. Our second midwife is fine. We never felt as comfortable with her as we did with Leslie, but she is very competent. However, she delivers in a research hospital three or four times farther away than the hospital we had originally planned on, with icky parking and downtown traffic. We were never excited about that situation for a variety of reasons. We did inquire with our local homebirth midwife (a CPM who has been delivering babies for over 25 years in the area!) but using her was cost prohibitive because of our insurance, so we decided to stick out the hospital birth plan. (You just can’t beat having a baby for $600 with an HMO.)

About seven weeks ago, it occured to us that we had another option. We could homebirth in North Carolina at my parents’ house with a wonderful Christian CPM here. Because we didn’t require much prenatal care at this point, the cost was much lower than we originally anticipated. My parents have the world’s best homebirthing tub in their new master bathroom — very deep and wide, with jets. We are able to spend Christmas relaxing with family in a festive enviroment instead of waiting for baby in an apartment without a tree. Kate has my parents and siblings to occupy her and help her transition while she sees as much of the new baby and I as she wants. It just seemed right for our family, for this birth.

We’re not the world’s biggest homebirth crusaders. I think home is one of many safe places to birth and different women in different situations have different needs. Being a low-risk, young mother having a second birth who hates hospitals and can’t relax there was a big factor in our decision. And so, we’re here. And so, we wait. I trust our midwife here and her knowledge and experience, I know if anything concerns her, she’s not afraid to transport us to a hospital where we might have a better outcome.

Just a head’s up.

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  1. I’m so excited for you. What a blessing to have this option!

    And I’m SO excited to see Lexi pictures when she arrives. Although it’s hard to imagine anyone could be cuter than Kate in that pink coat.

  2. I’m excited for you, too!! :)

  3. Glad to hear you made it safely to NC. I await a birth story! By the way, I predict a Christmas baby, but that day was already taken by the time I popped in. Just wanted to go on record.

    How do you feel?

  4. That sounds like an awesome decision. Can’t wait to hear how things go.

  5. How exciting for you! I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on the differences for you between home and hospital. I know I will never go back to medical-style birthing. I am very pleased for you and know you will have a wonderful and relaxing birth experience with all the best people taking care of you and welcoming Lexi. God bless!

  6. Laura Leigh

    So, are you having a “water birth.” Like, will the tub be full? Just curious. Hey…we’re here in Wake Forest as I type. We’ll have to get together, if Lexi doesn’t make her appearance! I work tomorrow, but then I’m off for the rest of the week. Give us a call!

  7. Actually, you put cushions along the tub and just let her drop.

    Just kidding! Of course there’ll be water in the tub! Though, many use the tub as a relaxing way to labor and birth somewhere else.

  8. “We’re not the world’s biggest homebirth crusaders.”

    Mwah, ha, ha, ha ha! Just you wait and see! Mike will be writing articles incorporating classical texts and homebirthing before long. *eg*

  9. Laura Leigh,
    We’re planning on a water birth because we *think* I’ll prefer it, but it may be the last thing I want in the middle of labor (you never can tell!) so the bed will probably be set up to labor in as well. Options never hurt :o)

    And I’m emailing you ’cause we’d love to see you — we really have no plans at all other than having a baby at some point…

  10. I would love to “labor” in water, and I definitely enjoyed the shower with my dd! So even if you get out of the tub for the actual birth, it’ll still be nice to have that as a relaxation option!

    I’ll be thinking and praying about you! I would try to visit you, we’ll be in Raleigh on 12/25-12/28, but you might be busy around that time. ;)

  11. I hope it’s a wonderful experience! I hadn’t thought about being away from Jay =[, but since it’s advisable for me to have another c-section, we don’t have much choice. At least the delivery itself should be quick…

    Can’t wait to hear that Lexi’s made her entrance into the wider world!

  12. Sounds like a great plan!!

    I hope it goes well. It’ll be so nice to have your loved ones near, no matter how it turns out. I’m praying that everything will go smoothly!

  13. I’d give anything for a midwife. We’ll be praying!

  14. We’ll be praying for y’all. I’m glad you were able to go with an option that makes you more comfortable. I loved birthing in the water, but also spent a significant time on my side on the bed pushing without even realizing what I was doing. You’re right, you never know what you’re really going to want until you’re there.

  15. Kristen, this plan sounds wonderful! I think it’ll be great to be among family during this time. I’ll be praying for a safe arrival for sweet baby Lexi.

  16. Water for me was so helpful in handling the contractions. I think jets would have been even better! I hope it works for you too. :) My sister had her last two births as waterbirths and is planning her third the same way (coming this February).

  17. Been praying for you a lot today. Keep us posted.

  18. Nothing yet. Though I hear her doing laundry, perhaps it is a sign!

  19. Doing my daily baby check.

    (And Mike, I already made sure y’all had plenty of ‘net access–so I do expect a quick announcement on the baby. *grin*)

  20. today would be a good day. its jonas’ birthday!!! :)

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