Odds & Ends XI

+ Added this continental US map you can personalize to my etsy shop.
+ Really appreciated this Atlantic article addressing the Memphis-Shelby County school merger.
+ Hannah from Very Vanilla made a delicious looking version of my chocolate bread pudding for Valentine’s Day with a rum caramel sauce.
+ I found this article from the NY Times Magazine about how companies learn our secrets fascinating (and a tiny bit scary.)
+ Kathy Keller on why the city is a wonderful place to raise children was an encouragement to me.
+ Also encouraging: how many people found this blog last week searching for lent related topics like “lent for toddlers” and “keeping lent at home.” Way to plan ahead, Christians.
+ I am in denial about Downton Abbey’s season finale this Sunday. I would have to despair about no new episodes if I gave it much thought, and defeatism is so very middle class.

3 responses to “Odds & Ends XI

  1. Will there be a season 3 or is this it?

    As for the City article – some good thoughts to be sure, and I’ll confess to taking it more seriously after realizing Kathy Keller wrote it (PCA idol worship much?) but I will also confess to being a tad discouraged by what I perceive to be a general PCA shunning of town and country. I love the city, for sure, but I think there are great benefits to be had in other spheres as well. Pros/cons everywhere, huh? Maybe it’s just the circles I seem to get stuck in, but I’m getting tired of people hating on the non-city dwellers…

    I’m a bit of a grouch this week, so just ignore me.

  2. There will be a season 3. Just not for a while.

    It’s about spheres, I think. We run in ones that emphasize loving the city, but the vast majority of the PCA is in the suburbs. Even the “city” movement is often in smaller cities that are not that urban. We contemplated moving to New York City last spring and almost no one supported that, because of our children. We were excited for them for the reasons Mrs. Keller cites. I think it’s mostly about loving where you are, and knowing people who are different from you and marginalized and loving them. Being like Jesus.

  3. LOVE THAT MAP. So much I pinned it :-)

    I watched last night’s DA slowly. Tried to savor it.

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