So, for the first time since middle school, I’m not rabidly following the Tar Heels’ every move this basketball season. Now that we’ve won the national championship, am I just resting on those laurels and hanging up my obsessive fan hat? I feel like I should have to do some sort of penance for this behavior.

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  1. Kristin Michelle

    Kristen Marie, I decided to drop into your blog (something I haven’t done for years). Your kids are adorable!!

    I am having an off year as a Tar Heel basketball fan, as well.

  2. Maybe it’s because you recognize the superiority of a certain other school down the road. . . Resistance is futile.

    Ahem. Just kidding.

  3. You should knit the whole team booties.

  4. i’m disappointed, to say the least.

  5. Kristin Michelle,
    Welcome! I think they are adorable myself :o) Who would have thought…

    Anathema! Down with dook! Krzyzewski is the devil incarnate! ;o) I feel more like a Tar Heel already…

    Booties for basketball players… YIKES! I would not want to knit size 14 booties on #3 needles…

    I posted this public confession in hopes that you would shame me into turning away from my lazy ways and returning to true fandom.

  6. turn or burn, baby!! we’ve got a lot to be excited about this season. and, if you stick with us this year, then it makes the really good years even sweeter!

  7. I think that deserves 15 Our Father Roys… ;)

  8. Laura Leigh

    I can’t scold you as you deserve, Kristen, because I too have not been as supportive this season. BUT I think honestly it has to do more with not having full cable – we’ve only had like two games broadcast where we can see them this year. I did personally get to attend the Miami game – Though it was painful, I was very impressed by the fans who kept rallying for them after each painful, embarassing mistake.

  9. Oh, Kristen, you’re not alone. I’m ashamed to admit my failure as a fan. The level of guilt is right up there with not calling my grandma enough.

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