– for new friends to share joyful potlucks with.
– for other new friends who encourage and challenge me.
– for forty days of Easter.
– for children who are patient with me and fine with dyeing eggs and getting new dresses “sometime during Easter.”
– … and who also help clean the house.
– for a husband who pitches in and does what I need him to, even when his to-do list is long.
– for new opportunities on the horizon.
– for hope.

Happy Easter. He is Risen!

One response to “Thankful…

  1. That’s a wonderful thank you list, Kristen. The hope we have in the new opportunities on the horizon seem so much clearer in light of Easter.


    P.S. Your thankfulness for your husband’s help makes me think he lives out what I wrote in this piece:
    Hope you (and he!) enjoy it.

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