Olympic Musing

Mike and I watched the procession of athletes during the opening ceremonies, rating the outfits each country choose and mocking the ugly hats (particularly those that were ugly and not traditional.) One fun thing to observe was how the countries were alphabetized in Italian. Then Mike turned to me and asked, “So how are they going to alphabetize them in Chinese for the Beijing games?” Anyone?

6 responses to “Olympic Musing

  1. There’s a Romanization of Mandarin Chinese called pinyin. It’d work in a pinch.

    If not, could always arrange them by distance from China. It is the Middle Kingdom, after all.

  2. with jt on this one: probably pinyin.

    they could also do it by sound of name or something.

  3. did you see the Mongolian hats? my personal favorite.

  4. Jen,

    You’d have to do some kind of ordering of the sounds to do it that way. Which would probably go to pinyin anyway. :)

  5. Fellow Carolina Fan here who recently found you via Quiet Life….
    Did you see the close up of the dresses the women carrying the boards with the names of the countries on them? They were made to look like mountains with trees and little people skiing on them.

  6. Yeah. my vote is for pinyin.

    if they do distance, it’ll probably be capitol to capitol.

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