Jack of all Crafts, Master of None

I dabble in many crafty activities but remain an “advanced beginner” in most. I’ve been knitting for five or six years and still only make scarves, baby blankets and little baby hats. I’ve resolved to try my hand at knitting Kate or Lexi a sweater for the winter, but… we’ll see. I started sewing a year and a half ago, and have only sewed in the most utilitarian fashion. Dozens of slings (for others) and different styles of baby carriers. A slipcover for a hand-me-down chair. A bit of mending of our clothing. But this week, I sewed a dress for Kate, a dress she does not need, just something for fun. I used elastic for the first time and bias cut fabric to bind the armholes. It wasn’t difficult and it was very enjoyable. A matching top for Lexi should follow, as she’s on the brink of crawling and dresses aren’t the most practical item in her wardrobe and already quite plentiful. After wrestling 2.5 yards of a bottomweight fabric every time I make a sling, children’s clothing is a delight.

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  1. Ask me about my cake decorating, crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking … none have really even made the “advanced beginner” stage, well maybe the cake decorating. I feel your pain ;)

  2. I too have the craft closet from heck… full of all the things needed to make any craft project, but utilized off and on over the years. Scrapbooking- all set, if I ever get those pics printed out. Knitting,crocheting, tatting? What size needle do you need? Cross-Stitching? At your service. Hand thrown pottery… got your kit right here (and soon to be on ebay if anyone is interested). General crafts, wreath making materials, fabric by the pound. Got it all. And what do I do in my free time? Read.

  3. Glad to hear I’m not the only one…

  4. I love to be Jill of all Crafts! And yes, Master of None! I think some of us just have it in our blood. I also opine that, had we no children and housewifely responsibilities, we could probably master a few of these crafts in due course.

    I’m encouraged when I see how many (certainly ont all) mothers of older children have *a bit* more time for crafty stuff. But am I destined to knit cute sweaters for my grandchildren? And then hear my daughters ask, “Mom, why didn’t you make this stuff for us?” =)

  5. I’m definitely on the road to becoming a Jill…

    I’ve had the various craft boxes since I was a little girl, and now I have an entire craft closet. I still barely know how to sew, but desrie to learn. I’m slowly adding to my skills…cake decorating, flower arranging, and as of this Sunday, some of the older ladies in our church will be teaching us how to knit! (We’re going to donate some of the things we make to charities, too.) Yay!

    So, any suggestiosn on some good types of yarns or needles for novices like me? I’m planning on making a trip to Michael’s on Wednesday.

    And as for less crafty things… I love oil painting, am probably in the intermediate level, but rarely have time to devote to it. However, that is changing this summer, since I will get some time off for the first time since high school. No job, just housekeeping, other wifely duties, painting, possibly knitting, and of course, more reading! I cannot wait!

  6. Oh, and can we see this dress, Kristen?

  7. I’ll try to post a picture on Kate’s blog later this week!

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