A Fringe Benefit

A fringe benefit to teaching is Teacher Appreciation Week, when you get really cool stuff. I remember it well from my own experience and now I get to live vicariously through my husband.

So far, Mike’s goodies include a snazzy new coffee grinder, lunch and some movie tickets. I greedily wait to find out what the rest of the week will bring!

9 responses to “A Fringe Benefit

  1. IMO, gift cards rock as teacher gifts.

  2. Man, all I got was a lousy t-shirt. I thought it was at least something until I saw the COFFEE GRINDER. Goodness.

    Though I can’t say anything. Teacher Appreciation Day passed without notice by my students, but not Christmas. I racked up on Christmas gifts–even from students who don’t celebrate!

  3. Jennifer Blake

    He got THAT coffee grinder! Maybe I missed my calling and should have taught at a private school instead!

  4. Yes, that coffee grinder *giggles* Mike and this parent talk coffee and tea on occasion so she knew we didn’t have one, and they’ve been through several cheaper ones before settling on that model for themselves so they got us what they use!

  5. And sweetpea, I totally agree on the giftcards. We got $50 to Kirby Lane (which is a good amount for a diner!) and the gingerbread pancakes sustained me several times in the last month of pregnancy.

  6. i love kirby lane!!!!

  7. Nathanael is obviously in the wrong line of work!

  8. Gotta say, out of jealousy I’m finding it hard to be happy for you. At my school the parents had never heard of teacher appreciation week and the few gifts at Christmas were from the Dollar Store. If you feel sorry enough for me I’ll give you the address where you can send me a coffee grinder. . .

  9. Wait a minute…I teach 2nd grade and didn’t know a thing about teacher appreciation week…is like an official holiday?! What DID happen however: one of my students Pee’d on another student…I had a parent come in and argue her reasoning of doing her son’s homework for him (he has been turning it in in HER handwriting…duh…)and what else? Oh yes, yesterday I accidentally sat on my white board eraser in my new baby blue pants and got a black rectangle shape right in the middle of my cheeks…grrrrrrrrrr. Teacher appreciation my hiney….

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