To Hate Like This Is to Be Happy Forever

The Duke-Carolina rivalry is the subject of this hilarious book. If you are a Carolina fan, you are sure to enjoy it. The longer you’ve been a fan and the more time you’ve spent in Chapel Hill, you’ll like it all the more. I giggled constantly while reading. The stories about his mother, a transplanted yankee-turned-Carolina fan, were priceless. I had been trying to be less hateful towards particular former dookies (love the sinner, hate the sin?) such as J. J. Reddick and Wojo, but this book really did not encourage me in that pursuit. If you don’t care about college basketball or obsessions in general, don’t read it unless you are trying to understand a Tar Heel loved one.

I can’t wait ’til next season, by the way!

5 responses to “To Hate Like This Is to Be Happy Forever

  1. I’ll bet money that one of the first questions your new neighbors in Alabama will ask you is “Who do you go for?” Despite the confusing grammatical structure and incoherence of the question, you should be able to discern that the appropriate answer in the Heart of Dixie is, of course, Auburn or Alabama. (War Eagle!) Just go ahead and say “I am Tar Heels fan!” I want to hear about the looks they give you. ;0)

    Also, there’s a similar book about the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry that is just hilarious– man, those guys have done some amazing pranks! Not to mention the history of violence…

  2. Of our friends in Birmingham, the vast majority have gone to Auburn and none to ‘Bama, so we’ve already decided to go Auburn for that one!

  3. I’m so glad to hear that you’ll be paying attention to the Heels this year, unlike last year when you and LL almost caused me a minor heartattack.

  4. “Hail Dean, coach of the century, the Lord is with you. Blessed art thou amongst liberal baptists and blessed is the fruit of your program, Roy. Hail Dean, basketball genius, pray for our team now and in the hour of the tournament, amen.” times 200 for my poor fandom last season.

  5. Laura Leigh

    When did we almost cause you a heart attack, Reba? My main reason for not watching all the games last season was because we didn’t have cable! Alas.

    I heard the author of this book interviewed on NPR and it was great. I could relate utterly to everything he was saying. I knew the Tar Heel fight song as soon as I could talk practically. Having two Tar Heel parents definitely indoctrinated the Duke-hatred things. I’ve been trying to love my enemy, but it is a struggle in this regard. Jonathan recently got a copy of an “I hate Dook” manifesto; I’m interested to read that too. Jonathan is a converted Duke fan, and my family has been training him well :)

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