The House

Here are some photos. Don’t miss the notes on the pictures themselves.

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  1. I really like the hardwood floors… I’m glad the previous owners, with their funky colors and tastes, didn’t replace those with shag carpet. The bathroom fixtures are surprisingly elegant as well, and the porch looks great for sitting (because really no furniture is needed).

  2. Don’t do your kitchen in all white. It seems like that would make things to clinical. Earth tones!

  3. so cute! love it!


    And, I. LOVE. THE. COLORS!!!!!!!!! SO much fun!!!

  5. It’s so cute! Can’t wait to see the ‘after’ pics. although, that kitchen would probably be good if one were dieting…not the most appetizing color combinations ;)

  6. adorable – it reminds me of our house, bet they were built around the same time. i’m jealous of your bathrooms though – ours had been renovated and they took out the tiny tile. i love love love the look of the original bathrooms.

  7. Nice. Yeah, I can see where they went overboard with the lime green and almost neon blue and yellow, but I can tell what they were going for– it would’ve been cute if they had toned down some of those shades. With all the white in the kitchen, a different shade of green might work– more of a sage-y color. But it is SUCH a cute house. I love the claw-foot tub and the porch (and porch fan). The yard will be great with a growing family! Enjoy! I can’t wait to see the after!

  8. Oh I missed the note on that kitchen one– I love the idea of barn red in the kitchen with the black and white tile.

  9. Hmmm….I actually really like the colors. I really didn’t think I was one to do crazy colors in a house, but I think I really like yours like it is….ask Matt Harper about the color I picked (but we AGREEEEEED on!) for our bathroom when we were housemates in college.

  10. Those are some crazy colours! Great house structurally, though!

  11. Okay, here’s the deal on the colors:

    I like how they look all together (except for the floor in the dining room, eeew), and could have lived with it and enjoyed it for a while. Mike could not. I guess they offend his classicist sensibilites! I decided not to fight his desire to paint and go with changing everything.

  12. So cute. I heart bungalows!

    I think white cabs with red walls in the kitchen would be lovely. (Have you seen my kitchen? I’m a little biased.) The perfect red paint color (low VOC, full spectrum paints, super beautiful) is Ellon Kennon’s Berry Red. It’s mucho expensivo, but not bad if you don’t have much wall to paint.

    Those dining room floors…Wow.

  13. Great house. I think you’ll make it yours in no time at all. Well….some time. Painting takes a while. We know, we just redid our home. The previous owners seemed to have a taste for cantina colors. It looked like the interior of a Mexican restaurant.

    We used a deep red in our dining room and a wonderful green in our living room. Let me know if you’d like paint names to check out….picking a red took a lot of work, but we’re thrilled with our choice.

  14. I love the room colors, and I wouldn’t change them… except for the bathroom and kitchen ones. For the most part, it’s lovely and colorful and cheerful. I also like the hardwood floors. Those are the best…and so easy to keep looking clean.

  15. (s)he likes it! hey, mikey!

  16. Moriah, pass along the paint names and brand! I’ve been using the Behr website to get my bearings of what I like on the monitor, but I need to go and grab some paint chips…

  17. Yay for you guys! Love the new house. I can imagine your girls running around on the hardwoods…

  18. I like the colors, too, and I’m not the least bit daring with stuff like that. Well, except for the dining/laundry rooms. Those I would have to change!

    Congratulations! I’m trying not to be jealous… I AM happy for you guys!!

  19. What a neat house! Love the colors, but what you’re going for sounds really nice, too!

  20. It is sooooooooooooooo beautiful. I am sohappy for you guys.

    We have the same taste in house, that was my favorite one on your list. :)

  21. I love it! What a wonderful, colorful and charming house!!!!


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