+ Blogging the Bible – a lax Jew who happens to be an editor at reads the Bible for the first time as an adult. (HT: Sarah Mosley)
+ 1,000+ Dutch fans attend World Cup match in their skivvies after their pants are confiscated. (HT: All Things Considered)
+ I spent several hours last night fiddling with it and got the iPod we thought was on its last legs running just like new! Don’t go out and buy a new one when yours starts whirring and not finding songs. Reload everything and manually run the Disk Scan function.

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  1. It seems a smidge ridiculous to force an audience to give up their clothing because it advertises a different company than THE EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR (drum roll), but it does make a case for not wearing advertising on your clothing at all. Hooligans never were known for their fashion style.

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