Just when I got used to using it…

Bloglines is not working properly for me. Some feeds that are working fine on Mike’s bloglines aren’t on mine. Half of my blogs have the [!] after them. I am so annoyed! Now I expect that the feed reader is surfing on my behalf and I get verklempt if I have to do that myself. What a difference two months makes!

ETA: The lunacy continues.  Mike got this post in his bloglines and I didn’t in mine.  I looked and bloglines has us listed as subscribing to two different feeds with the same address.  His is working, mine is not.  What the heck?

2 responses to “Just when I got used to using it…

  1. That’s why I gave up with bloglines and started using Google Reader instead.

  2. Bloglines became more and more annoying the longer I used it. And I wasn’t terribly impressed by Google Reader when I tried it.

    I’m currently using (and loving) FeedLounge. It’s not a free service ($5/month), but the sheer quality of the user experience is worth it.

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