World Wide Happiness

Blingo – Win prizes for searching (Google powered!) If you sign up with my link and win something, I will too! I never win anything, probably because we are presbyterian.

Paperback Swap – Swap away your old books for credits for new ones. You pay media mail rate to mail them out and receive new ones for “free.” If you sign up and list nine books, you get 3 free credits to get you started. You send out your books as other people want them and create a wish list so as the books you want are listed, they are automatically reserved for you for 48 hours while you decide if you’d like them. My nickname there is kris10s — try to post books we want, won’t you?

Bloglines stopped misbehaving as well, which made me happy, because I tried out several different free feed readers and I didn’t like any as well as Bloglines.

One response to “World Wide Happiness

  1. The blingo thing works, too. My roommate just won me a movie ticket!

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