More WWH and blathering

In music news: the Square Peg Alliance site is finally up and Mark Williams has an updated site as well!

We’re packing up a storm and can hardly believe that our pods will be delivered a week from tomorrow.  Kate’s spending the weekend with GP and Nana, which should further our efforts to the point of being nearly done by the fourth.  Our closing date is less than two weeks away.  Alabama, here we come!

Mike is planning on writing a post on Simply Christian and I am hoping to write one on Crunchy Cons.  Hope we can deliver these before the clarity of “just finished” fades…

2 responses to “More WWH and blathering

  1. Jennifer Blake

    Yeah! A new update from Mark! I thought maybe he had taken up residence in France like Ethan Peirse did! Glad to see he is going to be releasing some new stuff. Best of luck with the packing!

  2. ooooh. Crunchy Cons… I’m very interested. I heard a fascinating interview with the author on the Dallas NPR station.

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