It’s beginning to feel a lot like autumn…

… a chill is in the air!  Long pants and even sleeves have been worn.  Wild onions are more prominent amongst the yard weeds.  I saw real cider in the store this week.

We had a last hurrah at summer at community group yesterday and grilled out.  I brought a balsamic pasta salad that went over well.  I should post that recipe.  I should also post open letters to our local big box stores about Newcastle.  And change the header.  I am being blog-negligent.

2 responses to “It’s beginning to feel a lot like autumn…

  1. I have on more month of summer left. It is STILL around 100 degrees here during the day. It is absolutely annoying. The only relief is that the sun goes down alot sooner, so the air cools down alot quicker. And I miss fall and wild onions amongst the grass/weeds.

  2. Fall? The only notice of that around here is that in the grocery store apples are on sale, and organic apples are affordable.

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