A little help from her friend

A blur of children, a hint of the red dining room with the crazy linoleum.

6 responses to “A little help from her friend

  1. Wonderful picture. Can you come and be a photographer fly on the wall at my house for a day?

    This makes me excited for my girls to keep growing. :) Elise can sit up now, soon she’ll be pushing a tricycle.

  2. Nate and Margaret do that with the ride-on telephone toy thing. It is so funny, I keep hoping to catch a picture, but somehow the camera is never right there.

  3. Yeah, this was coolest to me before Kate could pedal and Lexi could walk, they really needed each other. Now Kate needs a little push to get over the ledge going into the kitchen (or she just gets off and pulls the tricycle over.)

  4. They really go FAST together now, watch out!

  5. You’ve been tagged! Post 6 things that make you happy and then tag 3 other bloggers.

  6. I want to hear what you think about This Heavy Silence. It was a lot different than I’d expected.

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