The Loveliest Things

I’ve been consuming beautiful things lately, like dark chocolate and good books.  We’ve hung out with some truly beautiful people.  I’ve been creating beauty too, smocking dresses for the most lovely children I know.  I need to beautify the lawn and garden a bit, because all of the lovely makes me happy.  And you know what else makes me happy?  Friends moving nearby :o)

3 responses to “The Loveliest Things

  1. Laura Leigh

    Yay! I hope she means us :)
    I’m glad to be moving where there are friends nearby…

  2. Smocking is like that. Especially bishops, I think. Some day you’ll have to smock some silk. That is just yummy.

    Smocking to me is like knitting lace. The materials are so very simple — just cotton in different colors or wool. And add some effort with needles and VOILA! You have art! It amazes me. I just love it. It warms me heart.

    I hope I get to knit the lace curtains in Heaven. . . .

  3. Of course I mean you, Laura Leigh!

    I am now dreaming of a luscious silk dupoini bishop, thanks, C!

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