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Architectural Classics is a neat website specializing in period, decorative and classical pieces. They are located in Ireland and offer both salvage and reproductive pieces for the home. As owners of an old house, this site is worthy of a great deal of salivating. There’s a great deal of small touches that would look great in any older home, from door knobs and pulls to knockers, chandeliers, clocks and more.

They also offer letter plates and boxes. I am green with envy. One of my biggest disappointments about this house is that even though we live truly in town, we don’t get door delivery of our mail. I want a letter plate or box and a mailman to bring my mail closer! We do have a pretty ugly mailbox as it is.

If I had a lot of money, I would certainly buy several things for the home sweet home from AC. It looks like a top notch company. They also buy fixtures, if you have some in your attic or what have you that you are looking to unload, you can email them a picture and dimensions and they might make you an offer. Easier than ebay!

Architectural Classics recently began a informative blog where they discuss all things related to their products. And it’s powered by WordPress, so obviously, they are pretty cool. They also have a new forum where you can buy or sell fixtures and discuss lighting, doors and ask your online shopping questions. Overall, they are offering the public a great shop and more catered to people restoring old homes.

This post is a paid advertisement. I am giving Review Me a whirl. It seems like a good way to link advertisers and bloggers and it’s an easy $30 towards the camera I’m saving up for.

2 responses to “SPONSORED: Architectural Classics

  1. I’ve been thinking about blog advertising a little recently. What are your thoughts on setting up a separate page for posts like this? A downside could be that only people who are interested in helping your blog will go to the page and click through, but if you set the page up right in WordPress, you could probably have the post titles show up in a sidebar widget.

    Re mailboxes, when I first moved into the house where we live now, I took down the street-side mailbox since I had a nice, classy black one next to my door. The mailman would not deliver to my door, even though he did so for several of my neighbors. He said that once a street box is set up, you can’t go back to door boxes – even if you’re a new tenant. I never bothered to check his story at the USPS, but I wonder if anyone else has tried this.

  2. P.S. I just checked your profile at ReviewMe. Apparently, you can pull in $60/post now. Also, my point about click-throughs is now moot.

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