Blogging will continue to be light…

As I finish Easter dresses and start to plan/execute Easter dinner.  We’re having ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls and… what else would you serve?

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  1. cobbler, or pie for dessert.

    Sounds yummy!

  2. My family always makes a Pink Salad at get togethers. It is cherries, pineapple, cool whip, sweetened condensed milk, etc. Yummy, cool, & refreshing I think :-) . If you decide you want the recipe I can get it to you. Sounds like a great lineup for dinner though!

  3. Personally, I would add melon balls to the mix. Specifically, cantaloupe and honeydew, tossed in a dressing of one part fresh lemon juice to one part honey. I can’t tell you how completely yummy this is, and the cantaloupe would give you a yellow superfood. LMK if you want to borrow a melon baller.

  4. Deviled eggs! Mmm, yummy stuff.

  5. A 7-layer jello salad and Chocolate Pie! Oh, maybe that’s because that’s what I’m making this weekend… :)

  6. I’ve been planning on a few different kinds of sorbet for dessert for springy colors, ease, etc. But chocolate… we need chocolate. Nothing says “Christ is Risen!” like chocolate.

  7. For chocolate, you could make a simple chocolate cake and top it with little (purchased) candy eggs or jelly beans in “Easter” colors. That is what I’m doing. How are you doing your ham? I’m doing one for the first time this year and haven’t decided on which recipe to use, yet.

  8. I like that Strawberry Pretzel salad — it just feels spring-like and as a bonus, it’s part dessert, part side dish. Chocolate is a must have. This year I’m going to attempt a rolled cake with strawberry cream cheese filling… We’ll see if it works out.

  9. Ginger carrots! Just steam some carrots and toss with a sauce made from melted butter, ginger (fresh or powdered) and brown sugar.

  10. I was definitely going to say fruit of some kind and it sounds like a few others agree. It adds some sweetness to the meal.

    I’m getting out of making an Easter dinner since our church does an Easter brunch after the service. I made my first Easter meal last year and it was good, but we had ham leftovers for weeks!

    Hope your meal making and dress making goes well. Can’t wait to see your sweet girls in their dresses.

  11. Ginger carrots.

    Oh, hey–I see Brianna and I agree. Usually I just cook them in the microwave until crisp-tender. Candied ginger works, too. . .

  12. My personal chocolate favorite is Hershey Pie. Melt one of those big Hershey bars (either with or without almonds). Mix it with a tub of Cool Whip and put the mixture in a graham cracker pie crust and chill. It’s somewhat rich, but very light. Also full of calories.

    Happy Resurrection Day!

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