Happy Easter!

Alleluia, Christ is risen!

The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia!

14 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Super sweet! Did you do the smocking too?

  2. Beautiful girls! He is Risen Indeed!

  3. Yes, I smocked and constructed them (with some guidance from friends!)

  4. fabulous work on the dresses. So complementary to such beautiful girls!

  5. Amazing. Smocking is so beautiful, but something I never did because of the tremendous work factor. Well done!

  6. Awww! They look beautiful! (The girls AND the dresses.)

  7. Kristen, they are just too adorable in those amazing dresses! (I’m super impressed!) Thank heaven for little girls! :)

  8. Grandma Sharon

    Kristen, the girls are so pretty. Lexi’s eye! My goodness, they are Soooo blue! You did a wonderful job on the dresses. Very pretty!

  9. Kristen, You are blessed with two beautiful children who are equally blessed with a wonderful and talented mom. You did an awesome job on the dresses and they look adorable wearing the fruits of your labor.
    I love you! Mom

  10. They’re so adorable! I love the dresses!

  11. so pretty! good job, k.

  12. Precious girls! Well done, Kristin. : )

  13. You rock!!! Excellent smocking! I’m incredibly impressed.

  14. Laura Leigh

    Soooo adorable!

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