Reality Bites

It’s started to sink in that I am actually working in the fall. Yes, it’s only 4 hours, two days a week, with on-site childcare, but I’ve got 8 classes a week to prepare for and teach in less than two months! I decided on books for the 6th grade lit class this week, and need to start working on prepping for writing. And reading the books I have yet to read for literature. *breathes in bag*

I had a down week, and I hardly touched my camera and I think the two are related. MUST. TAKE. PICTURES.

The week turned up when two old friends spent the night en route to Peru via Houston. All day, Kate’s been saying she wants to go to Peru, and that she can go by herself, she is big, she just needs someone to put her carseat in the plane. Hi-larious.

6 responses to “Reality Bites

  1. Go Kate! That cracks me up. Life’s busy eh?

  2. When are you traveling out to the Pacific Northwest? Let us know and we can see if our schedules will allow for a visit. :-)

  3. I’ll be praying for your teacher prep. It’s like getting ready to go onstage, isn’t it?

    LOL, I remember thinking I could do things like that when I was a kid. The adult world was so simple! What’s wrong with big people??

  4. Kristen, I’m sure you’ll be fine. You know what you’re doing, and you’re a great teacher, I’m sure!

    Not to belittle your situation, but we could really use prayer, as my job search seems to keep coming to dead ends. I really think God’s using this to encourage Paul to go out and win that bread, but it’s still more than a little stressful (not to mention discouraging to me!). I’ve got a week and a half left at my job, and then severance until the end of September.

  5. Thanks! I guess we got an answer today. Not the one we’ve been hoping for by any means, but continuing to work three days a week and having an income for the foreseeable future (which isn’t that long where I work) is definitely better than having to work 5 days a week (though my boss sounds like she’s going to be pushing me to work overtime). *Sigh*

    Do I sound less than thrilled? =-/

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