A few days ago, I took that personality test and was surprised to find myself an ENFP. In college I was always an ENTJ. So, I took another test, and got ENFP again. Learning that Jeannette had a similar transformation (INTJ to INFP) made the pieces start to come together. I’d always heard that motherhood changes you. It changed me, for sure. Leader to Advocate: that sounds about right…

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  1. life in general changes you. i have switched between an s and n depending on what has been happening in my life.

  2. Sure, but I can see how motherhood has changed me from thinking and judging to feeling and perceiving in very specific ways.

  3. Yea, except I changed to the Dream. Hmmm. Where does that put me in terms of motherhood? ha!!! :-)

  4. Whatever! ;)

    You dream the best for your children :)

  5. I will also say that all the spiritual gift inventories I have taken since becoming a mom have differed from those prior. Before motherhood, I scored VERY low on the mercy and compassion side, since Coleman’s arrival I have scored much higher on those areas.

  6. I’ve taken the Myers’Briggs since I was a young teen. I have NEVER changed. :0) Maybe motherhood will turn me into an S or a T or J! Kinda doubt it. But I don’t need any more F in my life.

  7. Kristen, after Lenise’s announcement this morning, I totally read “Personality test” as “pregnancy test” How funny.

  8. I fluctuate all the time, but the fact that I’m so borderline on everything anyway (except the feeling bit–I’m *always* an F) may contribute more to that than anything. :) Becoming a mom will probably totally screw me up, haha.

  9. According to that test, I’m an INTP, which I think is pretty accurate…but I always used to get an ENFP. I don’t know what’s changed me more: marriage or motherhood. I know I’ve definitely changed, though. I’m pretty borderline on everything though.

  10. I’m another FP that used to be TJ. I don’t think it has just been motherhood that has facilitated the change–if it was a change and not just my FP self being overridden by ideals that expressed themselves as TJ.

  11. I would guess that, for most people, the experiences we go through in our 20s (I can’t speak to 30s and beyond, since I’m not there yet) change our personalities. My score would be very different now than it was at 17. For you, that was motherhood, but for me, it was marriage and grad school and career. Basically . . . whatever life you’re experiencing is going to change you.

  12. Maybe I spoke to soon! I took the Myers Briggs in high school and college and was always an ENFP … moderate on the ENF, but almost off the scale on the P. I wonder how I’d score now. If I had time to be taking online personality tests. HA!

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