Not That I Ever Thought I’d Arrived…

but I was really struck today that I have a long way to go. Even if I do care about what happens to people around the world, stupid people get me a lot more riled up than injustice does.

I met a girl seven years ago this week and she told me that she was going to marry this one guy, who was in med school, and they were going to be a doctor-nurse missions team in Africa. I thought, “Yeah, right. No one has their life that planned at eighteen.” Two days ago, they arrived in Mali with their two sons.

I hope someday I do care more about the poor and oppressed than I do about the obnoxious.

3 responses to “Not That I Ever Thought I’d Arrived…

  1. The obnoxious are a cross to bear. My own obnoxiousness is a cross to bear. It is what it is, Popeye. :-)

  2. It’s just that it seems like you really ought to be able to just clear up some things. Unlike poverty and oppression, misinformation SEEMS like it should be able to fixed simply. Thus, it is quite frustrating when you run into a wall of obnoxiousness. I don’t think that being more easily frustrated by obnoxiousness means you really care more about it than about poverty and oppression.

  3. Thanks, Susans.

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