Pete Carroll is a Classy Guy

Did anyone see the classy gesture made by USC coach Pete Carroll in the middle of the first quarter against Idaho?

After USC went up 6-0 with a touchdown, they lined up for the extra point without a place kicker. The PAT team then stood in their positions while the game clock ticked off to zero seconds in honor of Mario Danelo, former USC kicker who died in a tragic accident during the off-season.

The stunt by USC, which earned them a delay-of-game penalty, was a visual representation of the lost USC suffered and a reminder that football players are human beings with real lives, not interchangeable parts in a gridiron machine.

3 responses to “Pete Carroll is a Classy Guy

  1. That is really sweet…and also slightly risky to be willing to sacrifice points so early in the game.

  2. The delay-of-game penalty only pushed him back 5 yards. He then sent out his new kicker and got the point.

  3. I adore college football.

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