Chock Full of Love for Apple

I was reflecting this week about how much I love my iPod. I love driving around alone in silence (silence is at a premium when you have two toddlers) and having a song pop into my head, a song that was my favorite in the fall of 1999 but haven’t listened to in a year, and being able to have that song coming through the speakers in fifteen seconds or less. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

Mike got his ginormous Mac Book Pro from school the other day. It’s hard not to have Mac-lust when you’re sharing your home with one of those. I covet. Wishing, hoping, dreaming…

One response to “Chock Full of Love for Apple

  1. We have an iBook and then a MAC..the G3 thing that actually has big hardrive. The first has been mine for quite some time, but the second we’ve had on loan from a friend for a good year because they got some kind of PC laptop. They want their MAC back soon…of course!

    So, we’ve been looking at new computers. I know the MAC is more, but it’s not in the long run. My mom keeps having to upgrade to a new Gateway because it just drags. I love my MAC. I love how I don’t get viruses. I love how easy everything is to use.

    And, it seems like software prices are becoming comparable to what a PC software costs.

    I don’t think I’ll get a laptop next time. But, you know what I really want…

    That great big giant TV size MAC screen.

    It’s so big,
    It’s so sleek…


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