Playful Orthodoxy + Catechism =

Our church uses the Godly Play curriculum for children’s church (during the sermon, for ages 3-8ish.) I really enjoy serving as a storyteller. The props and stories are well done, and they emphasize wonder rather than the right answers. And I think wonder is a right feeling to cultivate in our children when they think of God. I hope it serves as a good balance to catechism in our children’s hearts.

2 responses to “Playful Orthodoxy + Catechism =

  1. I LOVE what I’ve seen and read about Godly Play/Catechisis of the Good Shepherd stuff!!! John Allen/KnowTea first mentioned it to me to research for our children’s Sunday School curriculum. The story sets are really pricey, but we’d love to have some.

    I agree with you about wonder. I vividly remember growing up in Catholic school, and my teachers being really keen on the majesty and “big-ness” of God when we would prepare weekly for school-wide Mass.

  2. ooooh! Looked at the link and LOVE what I saw. I wanna go to sunday school! I think our church may be leaning toward using GP, too. Gosh, after looking at the website, I hope so!

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