Jesus I My Cross Have Taken

I needed to sing this so badly tonight that I wept when I sang. It felt better than I thought that it would when I realized I could not stop myself from crying.

I’ve got appointments at the allergist Wednesday and the family practice doctor Thursday, I’m praying for some answers, or at least some relief.

6 responses to “Jesus I My Cross Have Taken

  1. Kristen, I hope and pray you find relief soon. I’m so sorry you’re going through these trials with your physical body. And though it may sound odd, thanks for being vulnerable on your blog. It’s easy to share all the good stuff while suffering silently. But it’s better if the Body can surround you in prayer.

  2. I am still praying for you. I know several young Christian moms right now who are going through major health trials that I believe are direct attacks by the Enemy. To me, this underscores how incredibly important faithful Christian mothers are to the kingdom of God. You are infinitely precious to Christ and you are doing precious, sacred work. I pray you’ll have relief and healing soon…

  3. Praying here, Kristen.

  4. We’re still praying. Help will come. He won’t fail you.

  5. Kristen- did you get any insight as to what is happening with you at your Doc appointments? I agree with someone who posted earlier that it sounds like Chronic Fatigue. Also, my mom has fobromyalgia and lupus and has similar symptoms. I imagine since those are more common these days, that the doc checked for them though. We will continue praying for wisdom and strength for all involved.

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