Did you know that you can give money to causes you care about while shopping online, absolutely free to you? iGive gives donations big and small at no cost to you when you shop at almost 700 retailers online. Consider supporting Babywearing International. My friend Susie, often seen in the comments, is the president of this new tax-exempt, all-volunteer, educational organization that will support babywearing groups worldwide.

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  1. Thanks, Kristin! It’s amazing how many stores participate … Land’s End, eBay, and American Wallpaper are just three that we’ve already discovered. I downloaded the iGive shopping window so I don’t even have to go through iGive first … I can just go directly to whatever store I would go to, and if it participates in iGive, the shopping window will automatically send me through iGive so that a portion of my purchase will be donated. I’m all for free-to-me fundraising! (Not that I haven’t given generously otherwise as well. ;) )

  2. iGive is a great program for giving back. My favorite though is iBakeSale.com. Same idea as iGive, but gives you total control over how much you keep for yourself or donate to a cause. Plus, you can even create your own cause, which is great for local fundraising for a child’s school or soccer team. It sure beats baking cookies of selling raffles. I like the interface better too. Check it out.

  3. I just made my first purchase, and it was neat to see BWI get a donation from somebody else’s pocket just because I bought something on-line… What a cool thing!

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