Her Hipness has Reached Painful

Kate has decided in the last few weeks that she loves Josh Ritter. If we play music in the car, it must be Josh Ritter, and she often sings along. If I try to nonchalantly play something else, this is what happens:

Kate – “Who sings this song?”
Kristen – “Wilco.”
Kate – “Wilco is not my favorite. Josh Ritter is my favorite. I need to hear Josh Ritter.”

Sorry, Jeff Tweedy.

4 responses to “Her Hipness has Reached Painful

  1. Josh Ritter is a good favorite. :) How bad is it that Olivia’s favorite is The New Pornographers?

    For now we are just calling it the “CD with the funny singing.” I don’t know what to call it as she gets older. A blogging friend calls them The New Stenographers. I might have to steal that one.

  2. She has good taste!

  3. It’s so annoying when your kids start having opinions. :)

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