Reviewed: January Books

The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin
As a person who is not endlessly fascinated with the law in general or the supreme court in particular, I found this book utterly engrossing. I enjoyed the glimpse of how the court works on both a professional and personal level, and I know that I will follow it much more closely in the future because of this book. – 9/10

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt

I read this with my sixth grade literature students, a lovely piece of historical fiction – 8/10

My City Was Gone by D. Love
This book about a small town in east Alabama that has the unfortunate distinction of winning one the one of the largest punitive damages case in the nation, $700 million dollars, at the same time they were destroying the stockpile of chemical weapons there (prompting another distinction, the first time the government issued gas masks to civilians.) We live less than an hour away, and pass by this town often, and I enjoyed learned more about it. – 8/10

On the Road
by Jack Kerouac
This was worth reading once, not because it made me long for the road (it didn’t) or for freedom (ditto) but because the rhythm of the prose is enchanting. It’s dated, but I like dated. – 8/10

On Beauty by Zadie Smith
A very solid contemporary novel, awkward in parts. I think better editing would have enhanced it. – 7/10

completed in The Bible – Job and Genesis

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  1. I posted book reviews today and was delighted to stop by here and read yours afterward. I look forward to 2008 with you!

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