A Survey, Of Sorts.

I drive about 15 miles to work, and today I counted signs.

On a road that leads from the city to McMansion-land (1 mile)
– 1 Obama
– 1 Ron Paul

On a byway around the city (9 miles)
– 8 Huckabee
– 13 Ron Paul

On the East-West Interstate that goes through the city, and coast to coast (2 miles)
– 1 Ron Paul

On the road into our small town (2.5 miles)
– 6 signs for a DELEGATE (Welch) for Obama voters. He really wants to go to the convention.

I found it interesting that there were zero signs for Hillary, McCain and Romney, and only one for Obama. It’s like an inverse corolation between national polling and local signage.

5 responses to “A Survey, Of Sorts.

  1. Laura Leigh

    I agree. I’ve seen a surprising number of Paul signs. He’s got a great grassroots campaign and his supporters are very devoted.


  3. Why? The frenzy around Ron Paul does more harm than good to legitimize his message.

    At some point the GOP will have to turn his way to remain viable, but he’s obviously not the candidate to do that.

  4. We see mostly Ron Paul signs here in Monroe, too. I’m thinking LA will go for Obama, though.

  5. I like Ron Paul. I wonder why the conservagentsia doesn’t.

    K, I didn’t read where you saw an overwhelming number of Paul signs. I admit some of his peeps are a little on the um, unusual, side.

    Is there something I’m missing?

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