I finished my quarter grades, but I’ve been busy trying to clean and organize a bit, work on Easter dresses, plan Easter dinner, and finish my photography website. Check it out! If you live in the Raleigh area and are interested in a half-hour shoot next week, drop me an email.

I still need to post about my February books. Yikes. Maybe I’ll do that later today when I don’t have Lexi on my lap.

9 responses to “Update

  1. The website looks great!

  2. looks great! good job…

  3. Thanks, y’all!

  4. Beautiful photography. I take pictures for others occasionally as well. I took wedding pictures for the second time last summer, and I still can’t understand how I worked up the nerve to do a wedding.

    Don’t you just love seeing the people look at their pictures for the first time?

  5. Hey, how cool.
    We have the same website now!

    Blu is very cool.

    And I see you bought some of Brenda’s actions.

    Aren’t they great!

  6. nice. photo. website.

  7. Kristen your site looks amazing! Wow. I wish I lived close by:( I hope your work is blessed with lots of good business – your photos are inspiring:)

  8. wow. your photography is amazing. wish you were in atlanta!

  9. We missed out, didn’t we? I didn’t get a chance to follow your link yet, but I’ve seen enough on your blog to know you are an excellent photographer =]

    If there’s still time for you to photograph our guys, let me know!

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