I am so thankful we were able to sell our house and move. Having a friend next door to come help with groceries when I am getting out of the car and visit with me as I start dinner is a gift. So is being able to carpool and trade babysitting with another friend, who volunteered to watch my kids while I ran an unpleasant errand and ended up cleaning up one of the problem areas in our house, just because. When I went to the park to let the kids play through our wait for M, I ran into our friends who live just up the hill from us. We had both had our knitting and had a lovely chat while we worked (and with her husband as well.) I went to a baby shower for another friend who lives in the neighborhood at yet another friends’ house two blocks away. Hysterically, I shot a new client who was referred from the internet, who happens to live six houses away. Every single one of these things happened since Tuesday. Community is a remarkable providence, and I am thankful. These days of great mercies and difficult situations all at once can feel really schizophrenic but having the continuity of community makes them so much easier to bear.

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  1. I’m going to call them ‘problem areas’ from now on.

    (Does it count when it’s the whole house?)

  2. We host our weekly community group so I have gotten good at tidying and cleaning the rooms that folks gather in. The rest of the house is all problem areas!

  3. You just took pictures right? I can’t defend you for a few years, and CrimLaw isn’t exactly my first love.

  4. That sounds amazing Kristen, I long for the day when we leave SoCal and can live somewhere like that!

  5. i’m jealous. i tried so hard to get to know neighbors (and amazingly hard task for me), and no one seems interested. even the SAHM next door with a one year old never comes out of her house.

  6. Yay! So glad for you guys to have such a wonderful place to live! Providence! :)

    I always forget to be thankful for community, especially when I’m the one trying to organize it and encourage it. Isn’t that ironic?

    I got a call this week from a mom who happens to live in an apartment nearby. She was calling about something else–business related– and was a little nervous to talk to a stranger, but we ended up planning a playdate for this week! She has a daughter around J’s age and an older son, and makes candles. And I just get to walk across the parking lot to meet her! I forget, sometimes, to look for friendships right outside my door. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I must admit I am JEALOUS! I want to move downtown.. Perhaps Homewood, but my husband isn’t interested in leaving the suburbs. Its awesome that you have found a place that makes you guys so happy!

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