Today is Day 9… am on the road to recovery, but still laying low.

I have been posting previews on my photo blog, trying to put the energy I have into processing since I can do that from bed.

3 responses to “Flu

  1. Oh nooooooooooo! I hope we didn’t pick that up from Dolly while we were there… still waiting.

  2. oh dear. It sounds exactly like what I had. Ours had a really long incubation though. About two weeks from when Ruthie and Chandler had it, to when I got it. But this is going on my second week and I’m still coughing. Bleh! SO SO sorry! I know exactly what you feel like!

  3. I really hope that you’re feeling back to normal soon. I enjoyed your comments (a few posts down) about Twilight and New Moon…you totally summed up how I feel about those books.

    Feel better! :)

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