I made Kate and Lexi dolls for Christmas, like the doll I made a few months ago.


They are pretty fond of them. Referring to them as “Kate-doll” and “Lexi-doll”, the girls play-act out ordinary life and how they see themselves. It’s honestly pretty interesting! They obliged to be photographed with the dolls in their princess outfits:

2 responses to “Dolls

  1. sarah mosley

    Oh, these are darling dolls and darling photos!

    I had Paula Gibbs make Evelyn a doll very much like these for her second birthday. The doll’s name is June.

    I will have Evelyn bring it up when we come to visit. The girls will have a blast.

  2. Gorgeous, all of ’em!

    I love when our guys hug- the blond and the brown hair touching :)

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